Preparing for a ‘speed dating’ networking event


It’s natural to be nervous before an organised networking event – or that’s what I’m telling myself anyway. Today I attended my first, and it was in a ‘speed dating’ set up, where PR students moved from table to table to meet PR professionals from the North East. Now, speed dating set alarm bells off in my head as soon as I heard about it. One-on-one, 15 minute conversations with a room full of new people- scary! But honestly, it wasn’t anywhere as scary as I thought. It turned out to be so useful and I ended up enjoying myself.

So, I thought I’d share some tips that I wish I’d had, on how to prepare for a networking event to ease those nerves..Read More »


Tips on writing your first client blog post


Now Christmas and New Year are over, graduating seems very close (and scary) so the pressure to gain work experience is getting real. With work experience comes jobs that are pretty new to most of us. I’ve recently begun work experience with the lovely girls at M.A.D Communications in Sunderland, and the first job I was given was to write blog posts for a few different clients.

Obviously I can’t discuss the clients, but let’s just say I didn’t have a foggiest about the topics the clients required. Hypothetically we’ll say one company wanted a blog post about gardening. I’m an English graduate doing a PR Masters and I still live with my parents- safe to say I haven’t got a clue about gardening. I panicked a bit, but after the experience and some words of guidance from Amy and Marie, I feel more confident about how to tackle assigned blog posts. So, here are a few tips on how to get through those dreaded random topics and become a pro in whatever PR needs you to beRead More »

What the first semester of a Public Relations MA has taught me


It’s over. It’s done. I could cry happy tears. Pressing that submit button on the last essay of the first semester was a very good feeling. I can now watch Netflix for two weeks guilt free before the next semester begins… I mean, I can plan for next semester and do lots of productive things. Obviously. So what have I learnt from the experience? I thought I’d share…

firstRead More »

Is a degree in PR necessary?


I’ve seen a lot of discussion on this topic on different PR blogs. Is a degree in PR really necessary when some people start in a company without any specific PR qualifications and work their way up? It takes time and a lot of money, so is it worth it? I did an English and Creative Writing degree and then went on to do a Public Relations MA to make my qualifications more job specific. I’m currently half way through my masters, so thought I’d discuss what I’ve gained from it so far, and whether I feel it’s necessary…Read More »

5 tips to survive the first dreaded pitch presentation


So I recently had to do my first assessed pitch presentation at university. To give you an indication of how much I hate giving presentations, I’d been dreading it since I read the assessment methods when considering the course. They scare me, A LOT. But I survived it, and so I’ll share some tips on how to survive yours if you have one coming up. Some of these things were suggested in my constructive criticism from the lecturer. Read More »