Finding blog post inspiration


Finding inspiration for posts is something I’ve really struggled with while writing this blog. There are topics I find really interesting but can’t think of how to form them into posts, or sometimes I have a complete mind blank and can’t think of anything. So, what can we do to find inspiration for posts?Read More »


Meet Alana Spencer- Apprentice winner 2016


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Last night we saw Alana Specer gain the Apprentice winner title for 2016 over Coutney Wood and bag a massive £250 000 investment from Lord Sugar. I wasn’t very impressed by this years candidates in comparison to the previous years, with watching most episodes being like watching children argue in a playground, but towards the end Alana started to stand out. She began the show very quietly, letting other candidates walk all over her and looking pretty miserable. But, she soldiered through and by the pitch presentation she had transformed into a confident, professional woman with a huge amount of passion for her baking business. She definitely won me over with her personality in the last few tasks. So who is Alana Spencer? Here are some facts about this years winner… Read More »

The Pr/Blogger relationship – Should bloggers be sent press releases?


Is it just me or have blogs suddenly taken over the media world? Their popularity seems to have crept up over the last few years and now there’s a blogger to help you with anything you need- be it fashion, cooking, budgeting for the week, life as a PR student… You name it, there’s a blog. They’re also just a google away, and are becoming increasingly influential media outlets. Read More »

5 tips for building a PR profile with a busy schedule


Getting the experience you need to step onto the PR career ladder is difficult when you’re doing postgraduate study and a job in an unrelated industry. It’s not as easy as just getting a related job like some people seem to think. It’s not easy to get any job nowadays. So what can you do to help make yourself PR career ready, even when you don’t have much time in a week? Read More »