Finding blog post inspiration


Finding inspiration for posts is something I’ve really struggled with while writing this blog. There are topics I find really interesting but can’t think of how to form them into posts, or sometimes I have a complete mind blank and can’t think of anything. So, what can we do to find inspiration for posts?

Get on that trusty Google

I’ve googled ‘Ideas for PR blog posts’ so many times now and most times it’s actually helped. There are quite a lot of handy lists people have compiled of ideas for posts because they’ve probably been in the same position before. When the creative juices aren’t flowing, Google is your friend. Some handy lists I’ve found were on LiveLaughLovePR and on PR-Minded.

Read other blogs

It can really help to have a browse through other blogs to read what other’s have got going on.I’m not saying copy their ideas, but they could inspire you to write a post a different way or bring some news to your attention.

Keep up-to-date on news 

News is like a ready made blog post idea on your plate. Keeping up-to-date means you can be aware of any relevant news that you could discuss in a post, and this tends to engage readers too- win-win!

Don’t stress – take some time out 

Forcing a post out will probably mean it’s messy, there’ll be no passion about it and the readers will be able to tell. If you simply can’t find inspiration take some time out and come back to it when ideas crop up. You’ll feel happier about it. The stress might have just been holding you back too, the ideas will come.

Take notes

It’s helpful to keep a little notepad with you, or use your phone notes, and whenever an idea comes along take note of it. You’ll only forget and beat yourself up later for it. If I get post ideas I write them all down on my phone and keep them for later in case I don’t have inspiration. It pays to be prepared.

Do you have anymore tips on finding inspiration – let me know below or over on Twitter! Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and New Year!


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