13 facts about me


Happy New Year! PR blogging is all so serious so for the New Year I thought I’d do something less serious. As I can’t seem to get excited about a serious topic today here’s 13 random facts about me

1.I worked in two greengrocers in my teens and one was international. Fruit and veg would definitely be my specialist subject on Mastermind.

cats                    2.I’m a cat lady.

3.I lived in Sunderland for four years while I did my undergraduate degree, now I’m back in Durham which I love. Sunderland can’t compete in prettiness I’m afraid.

4.I did my work experience in a florist when I was 15 because, and I quote from 15 year old me, ‘flowers are pretty.’ Totally used worked experience to help me achieve my life goals.

5.My degree is in English and Creative Writing and my dream is to write a book.

6.Not going to lie, I thought PR was the same as advertisement until I started the course. I like PR better now, good job really.

7.On my 18th birthday I did a 22km hike in Morocco. It nearly killed me off.

8.My favourite Disney princess is Rapunzel.

9.Some of my most proud achievements are that I’ve been to Leeds Festival twice and seen Bon Jovi and Coldplay in concert…

10.I was Mary in the school nativity, just saying.

11.I could just eat burritos quite happily for the rest of my life.

12.One time in school someone pronounced my surname as Chesthair instead of Chester, my friends have called me it for about 12 years now.

13.I love the musical Wicked.



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