Tips on writing your first client blog post


Now Christmas and New Year are over, graduating seems very close (and scary) so the pressure to gain work experience is getting real. With work experience comes jobs that are pretty new to most of us. I’ve recently begun work experience with the lovely girls at M.A.D Communications in Sunderland, and the first job I was given was to write blog posts for a few different clients.

Obviously I can’t discuss the clients, but let’s just say I didn’t have a foggiest about the topics the clients required. Hypothetically we’ll say one company wanted a blog post about gardening. I’m an English graduate doing a PR Masters and I still live with my parents- safe to say I haven’t got a clue about gardening. I panicked a bit, but after the experience and some words of guidance from Amy and Marie, I feel more confident about how to tackle assigned blog posts. So, here are a few tips on how to get through those dreaded random topics and become a pro in whatever PR needs you to beRead More »